Welcome to Border Coaching of Salem, Oregon

Life is lived at many different borders in the metaphorical sense. Borders are crossings into unknown territories. I am committed to working with men and women in these areas of transition.

Whether it’s the bridge between our promises and the financial miracles we’d like to experience; or the fears we have about the relationships we long for, there is a border. A border might begin with a sudden diagnosis of cancer in a loved one. A border might be a boundary preventing intimacy in a relationship that one is afraid to cross. There might need to be a boundary drawn on one’s personal space relating to time or safety of emotion.

The coach who is thrilled with your success is the coach you want, the coach who knows how to truly listen, who has learned to be discerning, confidential and ethical and most importantly, well, the old saying is that you can’t take anyone past a border you haven’t crossed yourself…

Professional Coach, Writer & Speaker in Salem, Oregon.